The Team



Mae Haggerty, Idea Founder, Business Development

Mental health affects everyone. Everyone goes through stress. Everyone goes through pain. Everyone goes through heartbreak. Everyone experiences this negativity yet not many people know how to deal with it. No one talks about all of the tools and resources out there that can help people go through all of this. No one talks about how they too are experiencing the same things and how they also do not know how to get help.

This was why I never sought help when I got to a point where I felt I no longer knew how to cope. Through an amazing support system of friends, family and finally seeking deeper help through therapy I have been able to see the positive effects of becoming vulnerable and seeking help.

I want to be able to spread this to as many people as possible. I want to provide people the tools that they need to improve not only themselves but to also encourage an open community of positive mental health practices. I hope that this ConfIdence community will be able to bring the light that people may need in their lives, and I hope that people can spread this positivity to the people who mean the most to them.


Isaac Feil: Digital Marketing 

As a college transfer student, a large part of my social perspective in recent years has focused on reputation, because your actions and words develop your reputation regardless of where you go. And I think people don’t realize exactly how much positive influence they can provide others with every day.  It’s always during the small moments. I’ve never understood why people feel entitled to judge, criticize, gossip about others, or treat people like objects without any second thoughts.

My point is there are plenty of outside forces that can bring you down every day. But if you surround yourself with the right people and prioritize personal growth and development, you can still find so much joy in every week to combat the stresses of daily life.

My goal with Confidence is to make people realize they are cared about. They just need to know that they are ultimately in control of their own path and reputation.

Respect yourself and others. Be kind. Listen. Do not judge, insult, or cut others off. Work until 3am and get up at 6 every once in a while, just to keep yourself in check in realizing the beauty of life is never to be taken for granted, no matter what life may throw at you.


Pan Roumeliotis: Branding

One of the most impactful lessons I’ve learned from my four years at Marquette didn’t come from the classes I took. Throughout my time here, as I began to grow as a person, I learned that the most powerful force in my life was me. It’s hard to come fresh from high school with the highest hopes and biggest dreams, to one day realizing that maybe those dreams you once had were not something you wanted anymore. The hardest part truly is letting go and changing your life like you never thought you would.

I’ve learned that although it seems impossible, sometimes you must take a step back and think to yourself if what you’re doing is really fulfilling. The pressure that is placed on us during this transitional time in our lives puts us in a bubble, which we are all too afraid to pop.

What I realized throughout my experiences is that no one is really watching or judging you as hard as yourself, and sometimes to cope with the feeling of failure, you need to reach out and get help from those around you. The ConfIdence team has targeted college students because we know what it’s like to be one. We know that sometimes things may seem so overwhelming that overcoming obstacles may seem impossible. Sometimes you try your absolute hardest and aren’t getting the results you desire.

With our ConfIdence box, we will provide tools and outlets for students to build themselves up, from the inside out. If even one person feels motivated and encouraged from our product, we have succeeded as a team. Our goal is to create an open and honest community, to build trust with one another and to provide ways for everyone to truly become their best selves.


Jonathan Constantine: Operations and Partnering

I am a college student, and a busy one. I recently ran into a medical emergency and was hospitalized as a result of my lack of skills when it came to my stress management and coping strategy. I say that not for pity but to sympathize. Everyone has their own responsibilities and, in turn, deal with the inevitable stresses of life. Society has encouraged us to always push to do more, but there has never been a set cultural guidance for how to tend to and manage the stress that comes with pushing yourself. Through my own recovery process, I hope to learn strategies, habits, tools, and most of all, a mindset that I want to translate into this ConfIdence box for others to use in their own lives.

Everyone needs encouragement at times, but more importantly, we need to recognize that 1) we are not designed to go through these struggles alone, and 2) you are your most powerful tool to spur your own success.

I have full confidence (pun intended) that the content in this box will be applicable and helpful in each of your lives. For those who want to become a better and stronger individual, this is a box for you. For those who know someone going through challenging times, send them a thoughtful reminder that you care about them and are thinking of them.

This box is not going to take care of everything in your life. Rather, it aims to start a conversation and positive mentality better deal with your struggles.

I hope you are as excited to become as ConfIdent as our team and me. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Create a motivational storm within yourself; that storm should start with our box!