You Can Have A Direct Impact Now

As I'm finally reviving what are now to become bi-weekly content pieces, I want to clarify these posts will typically revolve around one of three key topics:

1. Self-Care (mental health/hygiene)

2. Self-Growth (internal motivation)

3. Stress Management (stress relief and channeling)

However, some write-ups will incorporate themes from all of these subjects as our primary focus, in one word, is people.

People nowadays seem to be selling themselves short on the power they hold to impact other peoples' lives.  Every day, people read headlines like "School Count in Underprivileged Areas Rising" as well as "Teenage Suicide Rate Increasing".  We read both types of headlines and then continue reading, possibly after making a quick remark.  Even if we do decide to discuss it with a friend or family member currently near them, the conversation eventually drops and we take no action past reading.  It is as if we think we cannot change the "outside world" because we are "just one person". 

Part of me wants to justify that mentality by copping out and saying I guess we are all natural consumers.  However, there is no sense in that as we have a daily choice to consume or create.  The world is not some wild, outside force over which we have no control.  It is true life has its way of knocking us down (often), but when that happens, we are given the choice on how to respond.  

Countless people decide to create the news instead of just consume it.  And in so many different ways!  Even if their actions do not literally make headlines, they are creating a positive impact on society.  But it takes a disciplined mentality to realize there is daily opportunity to make this kind of impact.

Imagine if you received a letter every morning reading only the words, "How will you change the world today?"

It would most likely change your frame of mind regarding the change you can catalyze in one day, right?  Even if it would only affect one person, it would be worth it if it was positive and meant enough to them.

So if you're the type of person who likes to see actionable advice in these types of content pieces (like me), try writing that note on a sheet of paper and post it up on your bedroom door, bathroom mirror, or door to your house/apartment so that you see it right before you leave.

See if it encourages you to see issues and respond by creating change, not consuming it.  We are meant to make our own mark on societal norms, not conform to them.

And let me know if it sticks with you!