Introduction to ConfIdence

First things first, I want to introduce myself.  I’m Isaac, our team’s head of digital marketing and currently a senior at Marquette University, soon to be graduating with a degree in Marketing.  You can expect all of our future content pieces to be written by either myself or one of my amazing counterparts: Mae, Pan, or JC.  I hope you will find value in our posts as these will aim to complement our social media content and product offering with practical advice surrounding self-development and stress management.

So, how did it all begin?

About eight months ago, our team formed as four rising college seniors enrolled in the same entrepreneurship elective.  The course name was “New Venture Creations” taught by Elmer Moore, an entrepreneur himself ( and current Executive Director of Scale Up Milwaukee (  Mae first pitched the idea of what would become “ConfIdence” in front of our class about a week into the Fall semester.  At the time, she pitched a self-care subscription box meant to help people with anxiety or depression.  She explained one of her main goals was to remove the stigma paired with mental health issues, especially among millennials.  While listening to Mae’s pitch, I realized she cared deeply about the topic and had put serious thought behind this idea.  I remember instantly loving it.  Pan and JC must have liked the idea as well, because less than a week later, Elmer Moore announced our groups and there we were…all four of us having our first “team meeting” in a Raynor Library study room discussing our new “group project”. 

Our team’s first major pivot involved changing the target market for our boxes from people suffering from mental illnesses to college students, particularly underclassmen and transfer students.  We realized almost every college student has undergone toxic stress at some point in their academic career, and to remove the stigma associated with mental health issues, we should emphasize the need for everyone to maintain their own mental health.  This was how JC, our head of operations and a pre-dental student, introduced us to the term “mental hygiene”.  It has since stuck with our team and remains a large aspect of our mission.  Consequently, the mission of our boxes is to deliver tools and resources for college students to consistently implement stress management and self-development into their lives. 

Since then, our team has named itself “ConfIdence”, continued operations through the Spring semester, earned $4,500 in seed funding, and been recognized by Marquette President Dr. Michael Lovell for our work in developing the ConfIdence brand and the Universal ConfIdence Box.  Product iterations for our boxes occur frequently as we respond to customer feedback from initial sales.  However, we are proud of our progress since we first started the business.  It is humbling to think about how much action we have taken in the last eight months to turn Mae’s idea into a reality.  And we are excited to spread ConfIdence to college campuses across the country as we expand after graduation! 

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